Whole Man: Unleashing the Potential of the Modern Man

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  1. What Will You Learn From Alpha Male Power?
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  3. Whole Man: Unleashing the Potential of the Modern Man
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What Will You Learn From Alpha Male Power?

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Phoenix Force (comics) - Wikipedia

Yes, I want to receive the Entrepreneur newsletter. Are you sure you want to logout? Logout Cancel. Who really is the prize? But how many of you actually believe it? How many guys really believe they actually are the prize on a deep level? Well…I would like to propose to you a new way of looking at things that just may enhance your believing you actually are the prize.

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These include their perky breasts, their youthful and firm skin, their asses which contain as minimal fat as possible, their wrinkle-less faces, their youthful and bright eyes etc. All this combined in different proportions make up what we call beauty. The fact of life is that we men find women sexually attractive for physical reasons.

Hence if a woman wants to be attractive to men, she has to either be born lucky with the right genetic make up or turn to make-up, the gym, or cosmetic surgery. Now what do women find attractive about men. All of which are personality and psychological traits. Sure women like to check out the pretty boys, but the fact is that the effect a pretty boy has on a woman is nothing compared to what a guy who has the above said traits has on her at a deep sexual level.

Unfortunately for women what they are have as attractive features can only depreciate as time passes by. As a woman ages the beauty, youth and looks begin to fade. Her breasts succumb to the effect of gravity and drop, her skin becomes less firm, make up becomes more of a necessity than an accessory.

Whole Man: Unleashing the Potential of the Modern Man

She lives in deathly fear of losing her looks every single day you have never seen a soldier fight a battle harder than woman fighting another year of getting older. I have seen women go into depression as a result of losing their looks. It is that bad. Compare this with what a man is offering to woman. In fact if a guy continues to work on developing these attractive traits he can only improve them with time and become even more attractive as he gets older. Plus guys who have these traits as part of who they are quite rare, in limited supply and hence in high demand by women.

So I ask you which has more value? Is it the physical beauty of a woman that is not only common everywhere but also and more importantly reduces in value as time goes by? Remember this the next time you are talking to that beautiful woman. What you have to offer her is of more value, more lasting and rarer than her beauty. Embrace your value and power as a man, stop giving away your power to a woman because of the fleeting looks and realize that she is lucky to be interacting with you cause you chose to talk to her.

Amongst other beautiful women, she is the one who gets to enjoy the gift of your masculinity for the time being so she better start doing some impressing. That is why I say that when a guy uses the advice from Better Than a Bad Boy, women will literally feel desperate to be with him and stay with him. Thanks for sharing Tosin and for the shout out about Modern Man programs.

Would love to hear about your success sometime soon Tosin.

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From there, you just need to know how to attract the women and move it forward to a phone number, kiss, date, sex and relationship. Success with women is a lot easier that you might think. Start the journey, use the advice and enjoy the great times ahead! More people want to come shake my hand and greet me when they see me, and when I sit down with people at gatherings or whatever it takes less energy to converse. Perhaps the thing I have some difficulty with is finding women who share enough in common with me. So basically I am making more good friends than before but only once in a while finding someone all that compatible.

Thanks a lot, Johann. Yes, it sounds like the key ingredient you are missing is a sexual vibe and sexual intention. Most guys unknowingly put themselves in the friend zone with a woman by acting like a friend to her. Instead, you need to actively create a sexual vibe and allow both you and a woman to go there with each other. If not, she will act polite and friendly like you and nothing will happen. Interesting that you posted a comment on this page, because Alpha Male Power has the techniques you need.

In the Alpha Male Power program, I explain and demonstrate the 4 different types of presence that you need to use when interacting with women to cause the deepest level of attraction possible. Dan your philosophy at the end of this program is very empowering. If every human being heard this it would cause all of us to reach the power of presence on this earth. No one can take that from you but yourself or death.

Glad to hear you grasped the meaning of that section. Straight to the point.

This spud’s for you: A breeding revolution could unleash the potential of potato

Dan I was once very good with women in my earlier years up to 23 years old Mostly it was due to the type of men I was surrounded by then which gave me a natural and authentic bad boy edge: Pimps, Macks, Street hustlers, and gang members. By that time I slept with women, and no dates every existed, just meet, mingle exchange numbers and be banging her in the same day or few days depending on logistics. In my opion they are just good marketers who analyzed from the outside in men who are really good with women and try to make it a harder than it really is science, because they fail to see the root mechanisims inside that man that allows him to be successful.

I made a career choice back in to drive trucks over the road. But I have bigger and new agendas now. I only want to meet, date very high class, eloquent, classy, beautiful women who have more value and assets to add into my life besides just being cute, nice breasts, nice smile, cool personalities…been there done that.

However I have a few questions. Is this another system that just involve repeating affirmations, visualizations, etc. Or is there a secret method inside that allows this change to really happen immediately and lasting? Using your systems will I have to remeber alot of complicated techniques which sound great while learning at home but are hard to remember and get you stuck in your head when it actually counts live face to face with women.

I know your systems are a little expensive in price and want to just make sure ahead of time that this is a wise investment for both products because from my travels to other countries.. Also, I believe in leaving excellent testemonials, so I will take it a step further than just writing a post.. I look forward to your responses to my questions, and I am ready to jump onboard my friend Thanks Ken, U. Most people pushing advice out there are NOT successful with women.

Modern Man Blues